Plan your trip by ordering your parking space from the comfort of your home.
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A lot to see, a lot to live in the city and surroundings.
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News, comments, event calendar for your information.
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Alicante Passenger Terminal welcomes you. Here you will find information about our services and other aspects of interest that make the Passenger Terminal of the Port of Alicante an ideal place to start your trip by boat.

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Make your parking reservations in advance from the comfort of your home. Ensure your long-stay parking space in our secure parking for a carefree travel.

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Know what will happen in the Cruise Terminal. Departures, arrivals and ship calls, events and more.

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Alicante bets on cruise tourism

Alicante believes in cruise tourism as a development engine Last Thursday, November 8, at the premises of the Cruise Terminal Alicante, the presentation of the  Activity Report and Balance 2018 from Alicante Association for Cruise Tourism took plac

The luggage for a cruise. The essentials.

Baggage for a Cruise: 7 things that are never missing in my suitcase source: (spanish) The slogan should always be that less is more, that is why it is very important that we choose to take with us  on a cruise. In addition to the

Alicante Cruise Terminal, present in Lisbon

Alicante Cruise Terminal, present at the CLIA's Port And Destination Summit in Lisbon in the context of the Sea Trade Cruise Med week. The Port & Destination Summit of the CLIA (Cruise Line International Association) was held in Lisbon on Septemb

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