Tourism in Alicante

Alicante bets on cruise tourism

10 November, 2018
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Presentation of the Year Report of the Association

Alicante believes in cruise tourism as a development engine

Last Thursday, November 8, at the premises of the Cruise Terminal Alicante, the presentation of the  Activity Report and Balance 2018 from Alicante Association for Cruise Tourism took place. The Associacion includes an increasing number of companies, businesses and organizations local committed to the tourism development of the city and province through Cruise Tourism.

The event was presented and directed by Francesco Balbi, Director of Operations of the Alicante Terminal, one of the founding partners of APTC and Anabel Rosas, responsible for communication of the Association. During the course, a review was made of the activities and achievements made throughout 2018 and the activities planned for 2019 were outlined.

The event was attended by numerous local and national media, as well as representatives of companies and partner organizations.

More information on the networks of the Alicante Association for Cruise Tourism:


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Alicante Cruise Terminal, present in Lisbon

22 September, 2018
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The Alicante Terminal at major events in the cruise sector

Alicante Cruise Terminal, present at the CLIA's Port And Destination Summit in Lisbon in the context of the Sea Trade Cruise Med week.

The Port & Destination Summit of the CLIA (Cruise Line International Association) was held in Lisbon on September 17 and 18 in the context of the Seatrade Cruise Med held thereafter, on the 19th and 20th.

In both forums the Alicante Cruise Terminal had an active presence in the company of other organizations and local and regional institutions to promote the city of Alicante as a reference destination in the international cruise market.

The Director of the Terminal, Francesco Balbi, was very satisfied with the efforts made, trusting that soon the fruits of the same will be visible to boost the traffic growth in the Terminal, which will mean a consequent increase in the tourist business for the city and province.

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The Terminal receives the Mein Schiff 5 for the first time

12 September, 2018
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Welcome to Alicante Mein Schiff 5.

On September 12, the Cruise Terminal of Alicante received the first visit of the Mein Schiff 5 of  TUI Cruises company.

The Director of the Cruise Terminal of Alicante and President of the Alicante Association for Cruise Tourism, Francesco Balbi, participated in the traditional ceremony in which the Commercial Director from Autoridad Portuaria Mrs. Mónica Bautista greeted the Captain of the cruise, Mr. Yiannis Tsounakos, with a commemorative gift.

We were impressed by the great facilities available to the cruise and we hope to see the Mein Schiff 5 and its friendly crew very soon on our City.

TUI Cruises has initially planned one more stop in our Terminal for this season. You can consult it in our calendar.



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An outstanding August

3 September, 2018
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More cruise passengers. More tourism. A better season.

The Alicante terminal registers a high traffic of passengers in August

The arrival of more and bigger cruises has made that in the just finished month of August, the Cruise Terminal of Alicante has registered a number of passengers close to 13,000. This figure has contributed to increase the number of tourists that visited our city during the month and that have helped to maintain a good level of results of the high season of tourism for the city and province.

The arrival of cruise passengers to our city continues throughout the month of September with the arrival of five 5 stops in a schedule that will be extended with 17 other cruises until the last days of December with the visit of Norwegian Spirit.

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The number of cruise passengers visiting Alicante grows

11 August, 2018
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Alicante increases the number of cruise passengers by 8.8%

Up to June, 42,201 passengers arrived, according to data from Puertos del Estado

source: (spanish)

The Port of Alicante has welcomed a total of 42,201 cruise passengers during the first half of the year, which is 8.8% more than last year, according to data provided by Puertos del Estado.

In the Comunitat Valenciana, the ports of Alicante, Castellón and Valencia surpassed 199,000 passengers, with 5% more than the previous year.

Cruise tourism has become a regular traffic in Spanish ports. More than 4.4 million cruise passengers arrived at one of the 46 ports of general interest of the State during the first six months of the year, which has meant an increase of 23.5% with respect to the 2017 data.

According to the data provided by the International Association of Cruise Lines (CLIA), the direct contribution of this sector to the Spanish economy reached last year 1,481 million euros, 12% more than in 2015, giving direct employment to 31,233 people.

The president of Ports of the State, Ornella Chacón, has highlighted the work of the Port Authorities and other agents of the sector to conserve and enhance the cruise market. "The cruise passengers also generate indirect jobs and move the local economy, which favors the quality of life of thousands of families," she explained.

Spain occupies the second position in Europe as a recipient of cruise passengers, and the fourth as issuer with more than 510,000 Spaniards embarked in 2017. In the same report the port of Barcelona is cited as the main port in Europe with over 2.7 million of cruise passengers in 2017, followed by Civitavecchia (2.2 million) and the ports of the Balearic Islands with 2.1 million.

Read all about it at


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Britannia returns with more than 4,000 passengers. Full house!.

3 August, 2018
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The passengers of Britannia flood Alicante and its province

The more than 4,000 passengers of the Britannia visited Alicante, Elche, Guadalest, Benidorm and many other charms of Alicante in their excursions.

The passengers of the Britannia were hungry to know Alicante and its province and, together with the fact that the Britannia has visited us yesterday with a record number of passengers (more than 4,000), they have spread throughout our geography to take full advantage of their stay and, who knows, discover that Alicante is a place to return many times.

In the capital, they discovered the secrets of our Arab heritage and our museums by cycling, segway, bus or mini-train. Others visited Altea, Elche, Villajoyosa, Benidorm, Guadalest and even the caves of Canelobre.

A day that surely fell short to enjoy the cultural, gastronomic and shopping offer that Alicante offers.

We wait for you in the near future ... there is still much to see.


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More than six kilometers of first level beaches in the city of Alicante

26 July, 2018
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More blue flags for the beaches of Alicante.

Alicante is recognized with blue flags for the prestige and excellence of its more than six kilometers of beaches.

  • The city gets the four Blue Flags on the beaches of Postiguet, San Juan, Albufereta and El Saladar-Urbanova.
  • The Comunitat Valenciana is the Spanish autonomy with the largest number of Blue Flags (132 distinctive).
  • Alicante is the province that accumulates more awards, with a total of 68, four more than the previous year.

Read the complete article at (spanish)

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What do I wear on the cruise?

18 July, 2018
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The dress code depends on each cruise line

Few issues create as much confusion or contention among cruisers as what to wear to dinner -- and, more importantly, what others wear to dinner. As cruises and cruisers have become more diverse, so has dress -- both what cruise lines ask us to wear, and what we actually wear.

Just about every cruise line has a dress code of some type. (Except for the occasional nudist charter, they all at least agree that clothing is required!) But, from there on, dress codes range from those where dressing for dinner means putting on a clean T-shirt to those where any male passenger not in a tuxedo might as well be wearing nothing at all.

And for every dress code, there are those who try to bend the rules. Those who follow the dress code to the letter often complain of lax enforcement, and truth be told, many cruise lines do seem loath to turn people away, especially for minor infractions. There are plenty of stories of people in shorts and T-shirts when at least a suit and tie is supposed to be required, but lax enforcement isn't universal; at least on some ships, people do get turned away from the dining room.

Unfortunately, it's impossible to predict just how much you'll get away with on a particular night on a particular ship, or exactly what your fellow passengers will actually be wearing. Enforcement really comes down to the whim of whoever is standing at the door at that moment, and as for others' dress, it depends on the passenger mix on your particular cruise. What we can tell you is what each cruise line says you should wear.

Check the dressing codes for most of cruise lines at


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Another giant visits Alicante

14 July, 2018
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Navigator of the Seas brings 3.700 visitors in one day.


Yesterday, Navigator of the Seas from Royal Caribbean  visited Alicante carrying in its cozy interior more than 3,700 cruise passengers, mostly British. On their way between Gibraltar and Palma de Mallorca, travelers enjoyed a sunny day in our city.

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CLIA presents its 2017 Contribution Report of the Cruise Industry

7 July, 2018
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The Cruise Industry contributes with more than 4,000 million to Spain's Economy.


Alicante Cruise Terminal attends the presentation in Barcelona of the CLIA Report on the Economic Contribution of the Cruise Industry.

The economic contribution of the Cruise Industry to the Spanish economy in 2017 was 4,253 million euros. 31,233 jobs depend on this sector in Spain; 9.2% more than in 2015

The cruise industry breaks records in Europe and contributes 47,860 million euros to the European economy in 2017

This represents an increase of 16.9% over the figures recorded in 2015, the date of the previous report.

See more information in CLIA>


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