How to “glue” a ship. The lengthening of the Silver Spirit

20 August, 2018
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Amazing naval engineering

This is how "glue" a ship: the process of lengthening the Silversea Silver Spirit

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Silversea's new Silver Spirit ship has left the Fincantieri Shipyard in Palermo, 14 meters longer after the completion of a complex project of lengthening and renovation where the ship was cut and lengthened with the insertion of a pre-built piece.

During the 59 days that the Silver Spirit remained in dry dock, approximately 1,000 professionals worked, committing themselves to 450,000 work hours to ensure the completion of the lengthening. Approximately 846 tonnes of steel, 110,000 m of wiring and 8,000 m of pipe have been used in the extension. The capacity of Silver Spirit has increased by approximately 12%, resulting in an increase in capacity of 15% and an increase of 20% in outdoor seating (from 200 to 266). The works began on March 10 and have ended at the beginning of May.

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