The luggage for a cruise. The essentials.

8 October, 2018
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Necessary objects in the cruise passenger's baggage

Baggage for a Cruise: 7 things that are never missing in my suitcase

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The slogan should always be that less is more, that is why it is very important that we choose to take with us  on a cruise. In addition to the clothes and personal hygiene items, the suitcase of a veteran cruise passenger would not be complete without a small group of objects that due to past cruise experiences make the trip easier and more enjoyable. These would be these indispensable objects that always go in my luggage for a Cruise.

1) A dual outlet electric plug

2) An envelope with documentation

3) A small alarm clock

4) A small air freshener

5) A small first aid kit

6) An airtight bag (waterproof)

7) Travel notebook

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