Alicante bets on cruise tourism

10 November, 2018
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Presentation of the Year Report of the Association

Alicante believes in cruise tourism as a development engine

Last Thursday, November 8, at the premises of the Cruise Terminal Alicante, the presentation of the  Activity Report and Balance 2018 from Alicante Association for Cruise Tourism took place. The Associacion includes an increasing number of companies, businesses and organizations local committed to the tourism development of the city and province through Cruise Tourism.

The event was presented and directed by Francesco Balbi, Director of Operations of the Alicante Terminal, one of the founding partners of APTC and Anabel Rosas, responsible for communication of the Association. During the course, a review was made of the activities and achievements made throughout 2018 and the activities planned for 2019 were outlined.

The event was attended by numerous local and national media, as well as representatives of companies and partner organizations.

More information on the networks of the Alicante Association for Cruise Tourism:


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