Technical data

Nautical Data

Name of Pier: Pier 14
Length: 0 ° 30 'W
Latitude: 38 ° 20'N
Open: 24 hours
Terminal area: 5.400m2
Quay length: 970m
Maximum length of vessels: Unlimited
Maximum height of the boat: Unlimited
Metal detector
Customs service
Maximum passengers of ship: Unlimited
Availability of "Finger" (gateway) access: Yes
Maximum draft of ship: 14m
Maximum height of vessel: Unlimited
Availability of berthing: Yes
Availability of tugs: Yes
Number of tugs: 2
Tugs hours: 24 hours
Berthing operators hours: 24 hours
Longshoremen hours: 24 hours
Port offices hours: 24 hours
Customs offices hours: 24 hours
Possibility of use of the runways of the boat: Yes


The Port of Alicante meets all the requirements of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code).

The Port of Alicante performs, among other actions, the maintenance of communication protocols for ships and port facilities, existence and upgrade of protection plans for the ship and the Port's facilities and the establishment of systems and protection plans to provide, in a coordinated manner, the appropriate level of protection of ships and the facilities.

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